Monday, 4 July 2011

Evening, all!

  For a first post I was going to go on about favourite brands and stuff like that, but something more important happened. It's loli related, before I lose you!
  We all know there are two camps for everything in loli - replica vs. brand, drugs vs. no drugs, lifestyle vs. fashion. It never occured to me (until now anyway) that one of those conflicts might be 'Lolita vs. Society'.
  Of course I know the general public thinks we're weird ass bitches, but I never took that seriously. After all, anyone not wearing what's in Primark's window is automatically weird where I come from. That felt more like 'me vs. the uneducated', but for one of my friends, I found out it's something bigger than that, much bigger.

  My friend is a broli, and prefers female pronouns. She's never worn her loli dress outside her house before. she ordered it in order to wear it to a meet we're going to this week - she was so excited! Six days to go and the dress still wasn't here - she was starting to worry. But then it appeared as if by Mr Yan's own magic and everything was fine... until she put it on. She said her dream of being a sweet loli was over, pretty much. She said cruel things about herself and started having second thoughts about coming to the meet. The thing is, after I spoke with her briefly, she uploaded a new photo of herself in her new dress and she looks fine! Seriously... I had to squint because for a minute I thought it was a new photo of the model she usually uses as a display photo.
  I'm being long winded... what I'm trying to say is, the only reason she doubted herself is because of what other people might think. If wearing that dress makes her feel like a princess, that's all that matters.

  We all had a day where we placed our first order for a lolita dress, didn't we? Maybe it was an old style black and white Bodyline lace monster; maybe you're new stock and it was sugary carnival in lavender, with all the accessories. Whatever it was, it takes guts to order that first dress, knowing you might be doing it wrong. But you did it anyway, didn't you? You bought that dress that you weren't even sure would suit you. Something lit a fire under your ass and made you move to embrace the lolita fashion - or maybe the whole lolita lifestyle! I think it's important for us to remember that day, because if we forget it, it's easy to slip into elitism and bitchiness. To me, the soul of lolita is creativity - I'd even rank it above individuality. The ability to adapt your surroundings to suit you, if that makes sense. Example: My friend needs to adapt, but adapting herself means abandoning loli. So, she adapts the people she associates with, the places she goes, the times she wears loli. THIS is the most important thing, girls. Not whether you can get that Chess Chocolate JSK before it sells out, but whether you can WORK THAT SHIT when you do buy it! 

  I'm sorry if this has all been a bit much for a first post! I just wanted to get this out of my system, and I do think it gives you an idea of how I feel about lolita and it's fans in general. 

  In other news!~ My wig arrived!
this~                             to this!~
So impressed with this wig. I don't remember what brand it was, I just know I got it from Tokidokio on LJ sales. She's currently selling another beautiful one called Isabelle that I think I might have liked even better!

  News item two! Handmade items project!~
  1.  Melty Chocolate headband made from the skeleton of a Primark headband and a bow from my DoL MC replica
  2. Cookie ring, made from Fimo clay... first thing I ever made! XD
  3. Cookie and chocolate barrette - it has gems and pearls on it too.
  4. Primark sunglasses, decorated with rhinestones.
  5. Fimo clay 'S Monogram' necklace, pearl 'chainy bit', pink and white rhinestones, lavender ribbon. ^^ 
   I hope to make more stuff in the future and get better at it. I'd love to make the kind of thing Kawaii Factory makes!

  That's all for today - goodnight, lolis and brolis! <3


  1. wow very great first post! very inspirational ^-^ i look forward to your future posts:)

  2. I feel like this is something that most girls will probably have to juggle with, the Lolita and Society part. I think it's after high school and college, when you're supposed to be an "adult" that it gets harder to wear Lolita.

    But like you said, we just need to remember what it was about Lolita that made us fall in love so to be sure to allow ourselves the luxury to feel like princesses or whatever whenever we can.

  3. I like your first post ^^
    I feel the same way about lolita.

    Also, I like your new items! You did a good job on the cookie ring~♥ I like to make things with fimo clay as well. It's fun to be creative this way!

  4. I like your blog, this post is great :)

    I think that the more you wear it the easier it becomes and you learn to block out the stares people in the street give you. I remember the first time I wore lolita in public and I did feel quite self concious even though I used to wear gothic clothing so I never did look 'normal' anyway.